You might think that using your hands to count has a universal method but when you are in China you may discover that the opposite is true. In Asia they count differently and this difference can be confusing. So, in this video we explain how to count from 1 to 99 using your hands in China.


Hello, friends, how are you? Welcome to, I’m Lulu, today I’m going to show you how we count in China just using one hand , because the gestures are different from yours and they are quite useful in everyday life.

From one to five, it is the same as how you count……一,二,三,四,五(One, two, three, four, five). From 6 onwards, it’s already different, let’s learn them one by one.

  • Six, it’s like this, first we’re going to put a rock&roll gesture, and then they put their index finger down and this one, it looks like a drink, right? It also looks like a phone call gesture, well, I’m Lulu, who’s this from? hahahaha
  • Seven, your index finger, middle finger and your thumb forms like a bird’s beak.
  • Eight, eight is super easy, it looks like a gun.
  • Nine, just a little hook, made with your index finger.
  • Ten, it’s like this, it’s like making changuitos for luck.

Now we’re going to go through it once, 6 for a drink, 7 for a bird’s beak, 8 for a gun, 9 for a hook, 10 for making changuitos for luck.

Now you already know how to count from one to ten, so it will be easy to count two digit numbers, now I will show you how this system works, we just need to separate this number into two numbers of one digit, for example, 58 is like this, we separate a 5 and an 8, so 49…. 36…. with this system, you can go up to 99, for numbers over 99, it is not so common to use your hands.

have you learned yet? I hope so, if you liked this video, don’t forget to “like” and subscribe to our channel. See you in the next video.