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Learn useful Mandarin Chinese as a native speaker.

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DELE A1, A2, B1, B2 examiner for the Cervantes Institute
Four years as a private teacher of Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

Master's Degree in Educational Research from the University of Yucatan
DELE C1 Spanish level
Graduate of Beijing Capital University
Native Mandarin Chinese speaker with extensive experience in Mexico and Latin America
Like you, an enthusiastic and self-taught foreign language enthusiast

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Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language on the planet, with native speakers in Chinese but with a presence in many countries. Mandarin Chinese is a language that generates many job opportunities, but also access to an ancient culture.

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It is true that Mandarin Chinese can be more challenging than learning other languages, such as Spanish, but it is not as complicated as people say. For example, Chinese grammar is super simple. On the other hand, there is less and less demand to learn how to write characters, which reduces the learning curve. Try it and see for yourself.

I wish the answer was "yes". No language can really be learned in 3 months. Let's remember that behind every language there is a whole culture and it is not just a list of rules and vocabulary.

There are many reasons why native speakers don't understand your Chinese. One of the biggest challenges for English speakers is the tones of Chinese. Tones are extremely important to a native speaker and if you mispronounce them it is easy for them to get confused or understand something different. Pay close attention to your tones and try to imitate the pronunciation of native speakers.

Of course you can. If you can read and write, with patience and determination you can learn Mandarin Chinese.