The learning of a language is closely related to the knowledge of the culture that speaks it.

The ideal way to get to know a culture is to live within it. But this is not always possible.

Fortunately we now have audio-visual means to connect with any part of the world.

To help you in your learning and/or simply for your entertainment, here is a list of excellent channels in Spanish about Chinese culture, life and language.

Channels in Spanish about Chinese language and culture

Jabiertzo. Historias desde China

“Stories from China” is the channel of Javier, Basque, his wife Lele, Chinese, and their lovely family.

Each video is a story; on the one hand they explore rural and urban China and on the other hand, they talk in a very clear and entertaining way about different aspects of China, its culture, its language or any curiosity of their life in this country.


The production of the videos is getting better and better and the amount of research in each video is noticeable, and although they have Javier’s sociological touch, they are very entertaining.

It is likely that after watching one, you will want to keep watching.

Channel: Historias desde China.

Mandarin Lab

This is the channel of Fei, an Argentinian, Chinese (Argenchina?), Mandarin Chinese teacher.

Her content offer is very varied, with excellent Chinese lessons, comparisons with other Asian languages or cultures, summaries of news trends and peculiarities of daily life in China.

Fei’s teaching vocation is evident, as each video is explained in a clear and well-organized manner, while still making it interesting and entertaining.

The research work is also clear and the fact that he is a native speaker of both Mandarin Chinese and Spanish gives him a very rich and different perspective.


Channel: Mandarin Lab.

Mexicanos en China

This is Max and Noelia’s channel, two Mexicans living and enjoying China.

As you can probably guess, in this channel Max and Noelia tell what it’s like to live in the Asian giant as Mexicans.

A very fresh and dynamic option to understand some cultural differences, but above all, the many great similarities that unite us.

With a lot of humor, energy and anecdotes they will give you a first person immersion of the meeting of cultures, Chinese and Mexican.

Channel: Mexicanos en China.

Ni Hao Cassandra

This is the channel of Cassandra, Chilean, and Haoyang, Chinese. A married couple living near the Chinese capital.

Cassandra and Haoyang a very diverse channel, with Mandarin Chinese lessons, travels in and out of China and their personal story living and working in China.

Channel: Ni Hao Cassandra.

Nosotros en China.

This channel is made by Pamela, Mexican, and Steven, Chinese, a beautiful family living in Taiyuan, China.

Pamela and Steven share different aspects of their life in a relaxed, direct, respectful tone, but in a very entertaining and entertaining way.

They have book recommendations, the famous “gossip time”, travel vlogs and even what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and teacher in China.

Channel: Nosotros en China.